• Pankaj Jain 08/10/2019 10:39AM

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    Different make of tyres have different price and different life . If past data on per km or per mile price is not available then how to make correct procurement decision .

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  • Euan Granger

    15/10/2019 07:43PM

    Hi Pankaj. The choice of the tyres will depend a lot on what vehicle type they are going on and what the general use will be for them. If they are for cars to be used on sealed roads then you might go for a mid-range tyre. If they are on heavy vehicles (bin lorries, trucks, etc.) where there are large loads carried and used on rough surfaces, then a premium, hard-wearing tyre is a must.

    You can probably work out the annual mileage on the vehicles based on servicing history and data. If you have even an approximate spend on tyres for the organisation, then you can work out the cost per mile. If not, use the mileage data to help the decision. Higher mileage, better tyres.

    From my experience, I have two pieces of advice. 1) avoid using a cheap tyre to save money - this is counter-productive and you'll end up spending more anyway. 2) if you're still unsure, use a trial of 2 or 3 tyre types on your vehicles over a 3 month period and see how many punctures/repairs/refits you get and that will give you more data to work with.

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