• Gwenn Auguste 16/04/2020 02:05AM

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    Current raw material prices evolution in China

    Hello guys,

    Raw material prices are all over the place now in China.
    Would any of you know have info about wooden such as MDF boards or bamboo price / cbm?

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  • Ed Cross

    17/04/2020 01:40PM

    We will reach out to our network - Gwenn, what exactly are you looking to find out?

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    Gwenn Auguste Thanks, I want to know the cost for raw material for bamboo. Is it following the current trend of price decrease, and if yes how many percent are we talking about?

    18/04/2020 11:01AM

    Ed Cross Gwenn, not sure I have a connection with Bamboo - will but will check in with a wood buyer.

    20/04/2020 05:27PM

    Ed Cross Gwenn, just to say am still progressing your question...

    22/04/2020 03:11PM

  • Tania Seary

    17/04/2020 05:01AM

    karthik kal Briony Dowling , do you or anyone at CNP have any insights on this one?
    Kobus van der Wath and his team at Axis may also have some insights...I will reach out.

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