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    CIPS level 4 --difficult?

    Hello All
    New member here!
    I work with an international NGO and have 10 yrs experience in supply chain and logistics. I have masters in economics +2 professional designations in Logistics. I want to enter into procurement and have been looking at CIPS since 1 yr. At the moment I am running the operations of the hub and hope that with a formal training (such as CIPS) I will be able to navigate into the procurement domain.
    So without much prior experience in procurement (in specific) do you think that CIPS level 4 will be very difficult to start with? I am planning to do self-study and I am confident to find mentors within my organization to support me when necessary. I plan to stop at level 4 and not go beyond. Someone, whom I spoke to, was telling me that the CIPS level 4 terminologies are sometimes difficult even for seasoned buyers to comprehend. Is it true?

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