• Ferlyn N. 11/09/2019 06:33PM

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    CIPS level 4 --difficult?

    Hello All
    New member here!
    I work with an international NGO and have 10 yrs experience in supply chain and logistics. I have masters in economics +2 professional designations in Logistics. I want to enter into procurement and have been looking at CIPS since 1 yr. At the moment I am running the operations of the hub and hope that with a formal training (such as CIPS) I will be able to navigate into the procurement domain.
    So without much prior experience in procurement (in specific) do you think that CIPS level 4 will be very difficult to start with? I am planning to do self-study and I am confident to find mentors within my organization to support me when necessary. I plan to stop at level 4 and not go beyond. Someone, whom I spoke to, was telling me that the CIPS level 4 terminologies are sometimes difficult even for seasoned buyers to comprehend. Is it true?

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  • Euan Granger

    17/09/2019 09:22AM

    Hi Ferlyn

    I think with some knowledge of procurement and supply chain you should be able to understand the terminology in Level 4 CIPS. If you are committed for self-study then you should be able to do this, but a mentor would be good and maybe looking for local support or study groups would be a good idea too.

    It's probably worth checking out the work in CIPS level 3 if you don't have a formal procurement background. This is an easier entry point and would give the foundation for Level 4. You can self-study on this too and it shouldn't take you too long.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Ian Duke

    01/10/2019 11:15PM

    Hi Ferlyn,
    Agree with Euan's feedback. As with any study there is no easy gains, it all takes work and effort. The Level 4 Diploma is a recognized qualification and as such comes with the expected content, study commitment and exams. I would recommend you reaching out to CIPS to discuss options and also taking the self assessment online. This will provide you with guidance as to what you can expect and also the level at which you should commence procurement studies.
    Good luck with the studies.

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  • Ferlyn N.

    18/09/2019 05:10AM

    Thank You Euan! much appreciated..

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