• Jack Johnson 24/10/2019 09:40PM

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    Career in Sourcing/Supply Chain?

    Hi, is there a job like what I'm describing here?

    Basically, someone works on commission and travels to foreign countries to meet suppliers or customers. Maybe similar to a trader of goods, or broker. And this would only be on commission, no salary, making hours flexible.

    I have income from a business and don't need a full-time job. I'm interested in learning more about sourcing/procurement/supply chain because I thought maybe it would allow me to work while traveling abroad. I lived in Japan for almost two years, but would also be open to traveling to other countries. I can self-sponsor in Japan or Korea, and maybe some other countries. I just don't know what to look for or who to talk to in terms of asking about this, as no one I know is working in procurement/supply chain.


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  • Jeremy Ward

    09/11/2019 05:44AM

    A sourcing agent?
    Common in China, but its a local resident who manages export sales enquiries for a local businesses (that perhaps doesn't have English speaking staff to do it themselves).
    Some business are also set up this way, usually where someone has experience and contacts in a particular industry and acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer and customer.

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  • Helen Mackenzie

    28/10/2019 03:55PM

    Sorry Jack I'm not familiar with this sort of role. Have you come across this sort of thing Ron Brown ?

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  • Jack Johnson

    25/10/2019 10:37PM


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    Chris Hanks Hello Jack

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