• Can you exceed or change the Estimated Total Value of an OJEU notice?

    If you publish an OJEU notice that states your estimated total value to be £50m and you find after year 2 the value going through is going to be significantly more what are the implications in exceeding this value? I realise a new framework should be issued but is it not possible to change the estimated value if nothing else has changed - i.e. still supply the same product/services as stated in the framework it has just proved to be more popular than anticipated

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  • Euan Granger

    29/06/2019 08:56AM

    That’ll depend on your budgetary control! Yes it’s possible as the estimate in the initial Contract Notice is just that.

    Once you’ve had bids in and selected a supplier, then you can put the final award or contract value in the Award Notice.

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