• Ilchan Kang 28/07/2018 03:30AM

    In Optimisation

    Can I enroll MBA course by CIPS diploma?

    Dear all, I am planning to go MBA course in Supply Chain Management. However, i got my degree in international studies & english literature, not related to SCM directly.

    As i check the requirement of MBA courses, BSc, Logistics or SCM related diploma is a prerequisite for enrollment. So i would like to do distance CIPS courses and get the diploma that is accredited in many univs around the world.

    To enter the MBA courses, is CIPS diploma accredited officially? and is it possible to recognise it as a bachelor degree in 4 years univ?

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  • Chontelle Kelly

    30/07/2018 08:43AM

    Hi Ilchan. You are best off checking with the specific university you are planning on doing your MBA through. They will be able to advise you directly on your options. Good luck!

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