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    Hello everyone!
    I think Consultancy services category is always a tricky one, any tips on how to build strategy or achieve savings when buying consultancy services?
    Thanks a lot!

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  • Ashley Collins

    23/09/2019 06:15PM

    Hi Oscar
    The following Podcast from my good friends at The Art of Procurement ( https://artofprocurement.com/episode265/ ) may be of interest to you; "A Survival Guide For Managing Consulting Services Spend".
    I would also be happy to take this offline as I have a great deal of experience within the Professional Services category both in acquisition and the sale of consulting services.
    Good luck

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  • Euan Granger

    17/09/2019 09:26AM

    Hi Oscar

    The usual applies for this when buying services of any description. You want to have a look at competitively tendering this and assessing what the options are against your defined scope of work. Don't just go to the big consulting houses - they might be able to cover all aspects of the service you are looking for, but you'll frequently get more out of SMEs in terms of depth of knowledge. A recent tender I did got much more interest from SMEs and sole traders than larger organisations because of the nature of the work.

    We also chose to fix the daily rate for the services. This will help keep your costs down but you then need to have an fully defined set of SLAs and KPIs to ensure that you are still getting the quality you need.


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  • Helene Laffitte

    27/05/2020 06:58PM

    Hi Oscar,
    If you are still looking for ideas... I am just publishing a book this week about it ;) (I am the expert interviewed in the ep 265 of the Art of Procurement mentioned above). Just reach out and I can send you a free copy of the book.

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    Oscar Garcia Thank you Helene!, that sounds great. I would really appreciate if you could send me a copy to [email protected]

    27/05/2020 07:43PM

    Oscar Garcia Thanks you very much indeed for the offering!!

    27/05/2020 07:44PM

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