• Pamela Hoffman 13/09/2017 08:06PM

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    Award and administration of small software buys

    Over the last several years, the number of software contracts has exploded. Way more small cloud packages are available now, software comes embedded in all kinds of physical purchases, and employees download apps to their company phones. Everything is click to agree, and a lot of the time it's a field user who clicks. Does anybody have a handle on how to address these purchases? Are any of you reviewing ALL these EULAs before purchase? Tracking and administering the contracts? If so, how do you do it?

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  • Abdullah Al Masud

    14/09/2017 08:49AM

    Hi Pamela Hoffman,
    I had several Experience procuring Software, which is service by nature, and the most difficult service since this service ownership transfer is difficult to trace.
    The most difficult part is the valuation and negation to an amount of approved budget. The other difficult part is Receiving Service.
    Here we form Procurement used to set responsibility Matrix in accordance to deliverables while negotiating. Ex:
    • A proper Installation, testing and commission to perform by the service provider.
    Here All the primary Hardware & software peering is and ready to performed activity undertaken flawlessly.
    • A training to provide to the User in two category basic User Training and Administrator Training.
    Under this clause the Service provider, educate the user, which breaks the primary resistance for change.
    • The service provider shall provide a Service warranty covering 1-year Bug fixing, Trouble shooting.
    This Tie up the service Provider in longer commitment to avoid ending up with a scrap product.
    • There are also Paid Maintenance Service & development service agreed with Hourly Price at the beginning and putted in Contract in Black & White for future safe guard.
    This helps to ensure if there is any further development or new changes required the Procuring Organization is not over charged.
    There are lot of other factors shall be taken into consideration foreseeing the service tenure and preparing & analyzing risk register.

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    Dominique Green Hi Abdullah,

    15/05/2018 09:36AM

    Dominique Green You correctly mention that the most difficult part is the valuation of the software. Do you have any advice on how I could research this?

    15/05/2018 09:37AM

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