• Valerie Ketchoua 08/03/2018 02:14PM

    In Optimisation

    Any experience with freight forwarders contracts?

    Trying to optimize the cost model based on daily quotes with various freight forwarders.

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  • Answers (2)

  • Lewis Barnard

    13/03/2018 09:56AM

    Valerie, do you currently operate under a spot buying freight model, i.e. get a quote for each requirement?

    If so, we have a wealth of experience of optimizing cost through this model resulting in huge savings. Would be happy to discuss further.

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  • Charu Sharma

    12/03/2018 05:17AM

    Well, I personally don’t have any experience with freight forwarders but I can give you a suggestion if you have to make various shipments it would be better if you can make these shipments from the same shipper.

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