• Dawn Cafferty 27/06/2019 09:25AM

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    Advice on monitoring payment of Living Wage by contractors

    As an Authority we require all contractors to pay staff working on contract the LLW. However we don't systematically monitor delivery beyond asking for written confirmation at tender/award stage and reviewing contract prices.

    Does anyone have systems in place or guidance for contract managers on this? Particularly interested in expectations of prime contractors in providing assurances on their sub-contractors meeting the requirement (ie: what is reasonable?).

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  • Euan Granger

    29/06/2019 08:55AM

    There’s a website where there is a central list of all the accredited organisations, assuming they’ve signed up to it.

    Worth actively encouraging suppliers to do this too once they’re under contract.


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  • Helen Mackenzie

    27/06/2019 09:54AM

    I would start with someone in Scotland - for example Renfrewshire Council who've been monitoring payment of the living wage for some time and will be doing it for construction contracts. I'll email you the CPO's email address.

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