• Lisa Malone 07/09/2016 12:37PM

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    #CareerBootCamp: What were the first three jobs you ever had?

    As part of Career Boot Camp, we've been interviewing Global CPOs for their best career tips, what they look for when hiring future stars, and how they got started. And by that, we don't mean their first professional jobs - we meant their first ever jobs! There are some great answers and some unlikely beginnings! That got us curious....we want to know what your first three jobs were?!

    For me:
    1. Worked a Saturday shift at the local newsagency - but mostly just read gossip magazines and took angry phone calls about missing newspapers
    2. Waited tables at the local Aussie Rules Football club...Spilled coffee over a customer, not invited back
    3. Visual merchandising over Christmas at Melbourne Department store. Great store discounts.

    Stay tuned for our CPO 60-seconds series....

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  • Answers (29)

  • sandra nagels

    08/09/2016 12:30AM

    1. waitress
    2. Santa (yes still the highlight of my career)
    3. receiver in 3PL warehouse

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  • Euan Granger

    07/09/2016 03:33PM

    Does my paper round at the age of 13 count?!

    For me it's:
    1. Shelf stacker in the food department of a well-known high-end UK retailer - left after I got bored of being shouted at by irate and rude customers
    2. Front of house at music hall - great job, got to watch so many concerts and gigs for free!
    3. Student centre reception desk - got to meet lots of people, and paid for basically doing my uni work while I sat there

    Looking back, all of them were very people focused - something I've managed to largely stick with for the rest of my career!

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  • Tania Seary

    08/09/2016 01:52PM

    1. Carwasher
    2. Deli worker
    3. Secretary

    None of them as exciting as the glamorous world of procurement!!!

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  • Chris Cliffe FCIPS MIoD

    07/09/2016 07:38PM

    1) Sales Assistant at Burton Menswear. A zero hours contract (when they were ok). Started as a Saturday job and then became any free afternoons and holidays until uni. I rose to the heights of running the denim department – what I didn’t know about Levi and Wrangler Jeans wasn’t worth knowing.
    2) Worked behind the bar of a local Birmingham pub during university
    3) Worked on the production line at the Del Monte juice factory in King’s Lynn. This was always my employment ‘back-up plan’ until they knocked the factory down a few years ago.

    Also – what’s the first job you got turned down for?
    Me? I was turned down for a job at McDonalds (that story will cost you a beer)

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  • Matthieu Baril

    08/09/2016 02:23PM

    1. Washing cars, changing tyres, lawn-mowing/gardening
    2. Trading Pokemon cards and Gogos (not a successful career path for me:)
    3. Cold-calling companies to ask if they wanted to offer internships abroad to students that were part of our NGO/student society

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  • Sanne Gruter

    08/09/2016 04:08AM

    1. Shop assistant at Halfords, shop for car and bicycle parts (yes, they were very happy to finally hire a girl!)
    2. Waitress in Icecream & Coffee bar, great breakfast cookies&cream with crushed cone. Just better version of cornflakes with milk.
    3. Resource Consultant at Recruitment agency in The Netherlands, it's where I picked up my candidate searching skills. Still love it. Hard to find roles, bring it on!!

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  • Thomas Grafton

    07/09/2016 12:48PM

    supermarket cashier, call centre market researcher, stockbroker. More sophisticated computers each time :)

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  • Stuart Brocklehurst

    28/09/2016 05:30PM

    1. Fruit picker - my back can still remember the strawberry fields now.
    2. Production line at a cast die factory - rapidly moved across to the packing area where I was a lower risk to all concerned.
    3. Washing cars for a kindly local millionaire who paid me far too much as a quiet way of subsidising my desire to go travelling.

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  • Claudia Roth

    15/09/2016 01:21PM

    Age ~6: Founder of "florist business" - picked flowers from the fields and focussed sales effort on gullible/softhearted seeming neighbours
    Age 13: Library assistant at the local library 2 nights a week
    Age 15: Shelf stacker at local supermarket on Saturdays / during school holidays

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  • Tom Truman

    13/09/2016 12:36AM

    1. Working in my old man's hardware store (from about 13) - taught me a lot about customer service and communications.
    2. Working in a small car parts manufacturer on an aluminium injection moulding machine - it was hot! Showed me the value of an education.
    3. Working in a commercial analytical lab doing BOD's for the EPA - science isn't always interesting and challenging!

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  • David Davies

    12/09/2016 02:10PM

    1 Paratrooper HM Forces Taught me self reliance and using initiative when things went wrong
    2. Head Lifeguard the Aspect of team work to Save lives.
    3. Head of Facilities in a Grade 2 listed Building in Central London (Royal College of Music) every day listed to Classical music being played as we tried to keep the building built in 1883 in one piece.

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  • David Bennett

    09/09/2016 02:35AM

    1. Collector of trolleys - evening shift - for major supermarket. Come rain, hail, wind or shine.
    2. Cleaner of commercial bakery - for same major supermarket - lasted two days.
    3. Nightclub bar/ cellar manager for suburban nightspot - year out before Uni - a colourful 12 months of life experience

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  • Tony Megally

    08/09/2016 05:58AM

    1. Worked in my family’s small retail business growing up stacking shelves, selling, providing customer service and managing operations, and looking back, helped negotiate supplier contracts!

    2. Various operational, service and sales roles with a major and regional Bank while running a micro-event management business on the side

    3. Recruitment and Executive Search Consultant

    Seems like I’ve been attracted to people and relationship focused roles within commercial settings and that’s what I enjoy the most!

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  • Sanne Gruter

    08/09/2016 03:53AM

    1. Shop assistant at Halfords, shop for car and bicycle parts (yes, they were very happy to finally hire a girl!)
    2. Waitress in Icecream & Coffee bar, great breakfast cookies&cream with crushed cone. Just better version of cornflakes with milk.
    3. Resource Consultant at Recruitment agency in The Netherlands, it's where I picked up my candidate searching skills. Still love it. Hard to find roles, bring it on!!

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  • Keith Bird

    08/09/2016 02:43AM

    Growung up in a working class family we had strong connections with the local community. My jobs were as follows:

    1. Paper boy
    2. Working at the Royal showgrounds in the amusement park.
    3. Apprenticeship -as a Fitter and Turner / Toolmaker.

    These jobs provided me with a solid foundation and ability to deal with people from various demographic groups.

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  • Georgette Chadraoui

    08/09/2016 12:45AM

    What a great question - time to reflect! Does being a mum count?
    1. Admin support
    2. Waitress
    3. Bookkeeper

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  • Hugo Britt

    08/09/2016 12:17AM

    1. Paper Round
    2. Office Cleaner
    3. Music teacher

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  • Debra Spencer-Prime

    19/09/2016 05:23PM

    clerical officer

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  • Daniel Audigier

    19/09/2016 04:07PM

    1- horse hicking guide
    2- Airplane flight instructor
    3- Production engineer

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  • Alexandr Dudich

    19/09/2016 02:44PM

    1. Digger;
    2. CNC milling machine operator;
    3. Cinder blocks maker.

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  • Mike Thomsett

    19/09/2016 11:35AM

    1. Paper Boy
    2. Worked in a burger van
    3. Business Analyst at Tesco

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  • Luiz Fernando Paganini

    15/09/2016 01:45PM

    1. Cashier at a restaurant;
    2. Purchasing intern at Symrise;
    3. Purchasing intern at Pirelli Tyres

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  • Manu Khurana

    13/09/2016 05:07AM

    1. Freelance software developer
    2. Project analyst in a bank
    3. IT Lead in a bank

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  • Christina Blanchard

    13/09/2016 01:24AM

    1. Worked for my grandparents electrical business doing stocktake in school holidays and being their chief coffee maker and all round odd jobs assistant (in my teenage years)
    2. Checkout chick / nightfill at 'The Warehouse' (whilst doing my first degree in Biomedical Science)
    3. Fone Zone (telstra phone store) - also whilst doing my first degree

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  • Brandi Mahurin-Wright

    12/09/2016 07:26PM

    1) reformatting diskettes at an insurance company
    2) telemarketing caller
    3) McDonalds crew person (drive-thru)

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  • Sheri Daneliak

    12/09/2016 04:37PM

    Oh wow! Memory lane!
    1. Age 14 - I assisted in the construction of the first water slide in North America.
    2. During that time I received my life guard certification and CPR certification, then became a life guard after the water slide was completed.
    3. Because I learned to type in high school, I worked evenings and weekends at Eaton Financial as an office secretary and kept that position for over 12 years throughout high school and college. I went away to University and came back to town and was given my part time position back. It saved me throughout the rough times. I still know a few financial advisers that I worked for to this day although that institution no longer exists.

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  • Siau Edward

    12/09/2016 02:04PM

    1. Filing boy - for a international bank
    2. Typist - for the same bank
    3. Documents supervisor - for the same bank

    Thereafter left to pursue my degree

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  • Richard Milligan

    12/09/2016 10:41AM

    1. Glass collector at a local bar (came with a very cool T-shirt)
    2. Working in Clarks shoes (started on children's in charge of the infamous foot measuring device, promoted to ladies shoes - a proud day indeed)
    3. Bin man (now referred to as refuse collection operatives)

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  • Georgia Brandi

    11/09/2016 09:15AM

    1. Stacking shelves at a supermarket
    2. Stacking shelves and selling furniture at a office/stationery store
    3. Purchasing for a shipbuilder

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