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Career Bootcamp 2020

Power Your Mind

June 22-26

Now more than ever, the world needs a resilient and dynamic supply chain. And you are in the driver’s seat to deliver what the world needs. You may have the skills, but do you have the mindset to overcome one of the profession’s biggest challenges?

This year’s Career Bootcamp is designed to power your mind - 6 podcasts that will supercharge your ability to innovate, play to your strengths, and be more resilient.

Join us as we team together with IBM Sterling Supply Chain for this week-long event to maximise your career performance.


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How To Get Involved

What is Career Bootcamp?

Sponsored by IBM Sterling Supply Chain, our Career Bootcamp is a global professional development event not only for supply chain professionals, but those wanting to reach peak performance in their careers.

Why should I take part in Career Bootcamp every day?

Dedicating 15 minutes a day to developing and progressing your career can make the difference between standing still or landing a more impactful role. At Procurious, we firmly believe that daily learning is essential for career advancement - and Career Bootcamp is just the thing to help you get into the habit!

How do I listen to the Career Bootcamp podcasts?

Simply sign up or log in via the form above and you’ll be re-directed to the Supply Chain Pros group where you can access all six podcasts. You will also join a mailing list which will alert you each time a new podcast is released.

How will I know when each podcast is published?

The series will run for one week starting on Monday, June 22nd, with one podcast released on Procurious each day. We'll also drop you an email to let you know as each podcast becomes available.

Is the podcast series available to anyone?

Absolutely! Anyone & everyone can access the podcasts and it won’t cost you a penny to do so. Simply sign up or log in via the form above.

Does it cost to attend Career Bootcamp?

There is no charge to joining Procurious and Career Bootcamp. Simply sign up or enrol via the form above.