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This September, Procurious and Michael Page Procurement & Supply believe your procurement career deserves an UPGRADE

Five days. Five CPOs. Five fifteen-minute procurement podcasts - tomorrow can’t wait!

Are you dreaming of becoming the CPO of a top organisation somewhere in the distant future?

Are you putting in the hours today to make sure you’re prepared for tomorrow?

Procurement leaders of the future will need to be agile, focused and equipped to deal with all of the changes coming our way with cognitive technology and Workplace 4.0

Career Boot Camp, will help you transform your career and your future if you’re ready and willing to upgrade!

Register now ahead of our series launch on 4th September –It’s FREE!

How do I register for Career Boot Camp?

  1. Sign up and become a member of Procurious – it's FREE!
  2. Access one, new 15 minute podcast per day via the eLearning Hub throughout the week beginning 4th September 2017.
  3. Once Career Boot Camp is over, all five podcasts will be available via the eLearning Hub, still totally free! 
  4. Don't forget that as well as listening to the podcasts each day, you can enjoy heaps of great, related content on the Procurious Blog



What is the Procurious Career Boot Camp?

The Procurious Career Boot Camp, sponsored by Michael Page Procurement and Supply Chain, is a global professional development event for procurement and supply chain professionals. The 2017 series, featuring five, fifteen-minute podcasts will be hosted on Procurious.com and has been designed to help the most ambitious professionals amongst you to upgrade your skill-set.

How does it work?

The series will run for one working week with a daily podcast released on Procurious each day, which you can access via the Procurious eLearning hub. Featuring tips, insights and guidance from the best in the business, each of our five CPOs will dedicate their week to coaching you on becoming the best procurement leader you can be! Each daily podcast will be accompanied by a blog from our speakers and there’ll be vibrant group discussions aplenty on Procurious.com.

When is it?

Starting on the 4th September, the Career Boot Camp will run for five working days. The podcasts will be accompanied by daily blogs from our “Career Coaches” and group discussions and articles on Procurious.com. When the series is complete, all five podcasts will be available via the Procurious eLearning hub, FREE of charge.

Is it really free?

Yes! Sign up to become a member of Procurious, and you’ll gain access to all of the Career Boot Camp podcast content, as well as all of the resources on Procurious.com, including featured classes, e-learning videos, thousands of blog articles, a curated news feed and global events calendar.

Are the podcasts available to everyone?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to partake in Career Boot Camp and it’s totally, 100 per cent free to do so - simply sign up to Procurious.

Why should I do Career Boot Camp every day?

Dedicating fifteen minutes a day to developing and progressing your procurement career can make the difference between standing still, or moving quickly into more impactful roles. Hearing from the best in the business will give you a valuable head start on what’s required of tomorrow’s CPO. At Procurious, we firmly believe that daily procurement learning is essential for career advancement. And Career Boot Camp will help you get into the habit!

I'm already a member of Procurious. Do I still need to register?

Nope! You don't need to worry about a thing if you're already a member. You need only access the site’s learning area from the 4th September where we will release a new podcast each day. Don't worry about putting it in your diary or remembering to log in - we’ll be sure to send a link to each podcast directly to your inbox to save you the time and effort!

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