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Celebrating Women In Procurement

Discover why you should become a master storyteller,  learn how to focus your strengths, and listen as we debate critical issues including the salary gap, key procurement skills and the greatest challenges facing the profession. 

In this five-part procurement podcast series we interview five inspiring  and courageous women to discover the secrets to their success. 



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When does the podcast series take place?

Starting on the 26th November the series will run for five days with a daily podcast released on Procurious each day. We’ll drop you an email to let you know as each podcast becomes available.

Is the podcast series available to anyone?

Absolutely! Anyone & everyone can access the podcasts and it won’t cost you a penny to do so. Simply sign up or login via the form above.

How do I listen to the podcast series?

Simply sign up via the form above and you’ll be re-directed to the Bravo group where you can access all five podcasts. You will also join a mailing list, which will alert you each time a new podcast is released.