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The Big Ideas Summit is an interactive online event giving you access to the world’s top business thinkers from the comfort of your office or home through via Procurious & Twitter

The Summit connects senior executives, industry thought-leaders and CPOs with Digital Delegates from across the globe via our social media platform, Procurious, to discuss and test strategies and solutions for real world change.

To participate as a digital delegate, it’s as easy as:

1.      Sign up and become a member of Procurious – it’s Free!

2.      Join the Big Ideas Digital Delegates Group

3.      Start accessing exclusive Big Ideas content immediately, connect with our expert influencers and other Digital Delegates, ask challenging questions, share your big ideas for the profession 

We are also taking expressions of interest from those senior procurement influencers who would like to receive an invitation to attend the London in-person event on the 23rd of February, 2017. You will be joining 50 Top Procurement Influencers and an online community of 19,000+ professionals connecting, learning, discussing and innovating together.

Benefits Of Registering

Gain an insight into the future of the Procurement.

By understanding both the internal needs of our
businesses and the ever-changing nature of the supply market, procurement is uniquely placed to guide our businesses into the future. Big Ideas Summit will connect you to global leaders.

Connect with a world-wide procurement network.

Through Procurious, the engine behind the Big Ideas Summit, delegates will have the opportunity to connect into a network of more than 19,000 procurement professionals. 

Be inspired by global thought leaders.

The Big Ideas Summit provides a 360 degree vision of the procurement and supply chain environment from the people that know it best.


Get your questions answered

The Big Ideas Summit offers unprecedented access to business leaders who are ready and waiting to answer your procurement questions.


 About Procurious

Procurious is the world’s first online business community dedicated to procurement and supply chain professionals. It’s a hub to advance your career, develop your skills and expand your global professional network.

With 18,000+ members across the globe Procurious empowers procurement professionals to connect, collaborate and take a more innovative career outlook.

Think of Procurious as a professional network, news and knowledge hub, learning and career centre, all in one place.

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Get Access to Procurement’s Top Influencers

Tania Seary

Founder, Procurious - the world's first online procurement network

Use the Force: Network Your Way to the Top

Chris Sawchuk

Principal and Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader - The Hackett Group

Creating Agility in the Digital Age

John McFarlane

Chairman - Barclays plc

Leadership: Tough Love

Paul Blake

Senior Manager, Technology Product Manager - GEP Worldwide

Emerging Trends In Procurement Technology

Barry Ward

Senior Procurement Brand Manager - IBM Global Procurement

Watson: What's The Big Idea?

James Bannerman

Creative Change Agent, Author & Psychologist

Releasing Your Creative Genius

Mark Stevenson

Futurist & Author

An Optimist’s Tour of the Future

Linda Yueh

Fellow in Economics - Oxford University & Adjuct Professor - LBS

Fact Or Fiction?

Deb Stanton

Executive MD - CAPS Research

Graham Lucas

Managing Director - Michael Page Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics

Building a Team for Procurement 4.0

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is it?

    The Big Ideas Summit is a unique online event uniting procurement and supply chain professionals from around the globe to drive innovation and inspire change.

  • When is it?

    23 February 2017. But a lively conversation has already begun on Procurious! Expect to see most of the action between 09.00 – 17.00 (GMT) as we share video insights, quotes, photos and summary articles direct from London. If you can’t join the action live, not to worry. The thought-provoking discussions and debate will continue long after, and we’ll be sharing video footage of all our Influencers Big Ideas throughout February and March on Procurious.

  • Where is it?

    Although our Top Influencers will be meeting in central London, due to its digital nature Procurious members across the world can get involved from the comfort of their office, armchair or even from the beach! Procurious members can also use our iOS App to follow the action. It’s available in the Apple iTunes store and is free to download.

  • How can I join?

    You’ll need to be a registered member of Procurious – join here for free if you haven’t already. Then simply access the Big Ideas Summit Group to soak-up thoughtful opinions, participate in insightful discussion, connect with our Influencers, access exclusive podcasts and interviews and share your own Big Ideas with the Procurious community. We’ll also be live tweeting throughout the day, so make sure you’re following @procurious_ to share and respond to our tweets.

  • Do I have to be a member of Procurious?

    Yes. Participation as a Digital Delegate is free and open to all members of Procurious. By joining Procurious, you will not only have access to all the exclusive Big Ideas Summit content, but you will join a community of 19,000 like-minded procurement peers and gain access to all Procurious’ free resources

  • Will Big Ideas be live streamed?

    Procurious boasts a global audience of 19,000+ procurement professionals, from more than 140 countries. If we were to cater to all of these time zones, it would be a tough job – so rather than live-streaming (and keeping you awake at awkward hours), we’ll share video with those who have registered. We will be using Periscope to live stream short videos from the day, but these videos – and all the Big Ideas videos and podcast interviews – will be made available to you in the days that follow.

  • I'm on the fence - why should I take part?

    Here are five compelling reasons to join your fellow Procurians and stake your claim to the wealth of knowledge on offer: 1. An Audience With 50 of the World’s Top Procurement Influencers 2. Get Your Questions Answered By World-Class Experts 3. Make Powerful New Contacts Around The Globe 4. Share Your Own Big Idea and make your voice heard 5. Access Exclusive Content & Learnings

  • Who are the 'Top Influencers'?

    The term ‘influencers’ refers to the our 50 face-to-face delegates who will be sharing their Big Ideas with the room and you – the Procurious community. Our experts span the worlds of procurement, technology, social media, journalism and academia. There will be CPOs from organisations including: Rio Tinto, BP, Crown Commercial Services, YPO, Merck...and many more.

  • Who are the Sponsors and Media Partners?

    The Big Ideas Summit is made possible by our partners IBM, ISM, The Hackett Group, and GEP

  • I've got a great Big Idea of my own...

    Great to hear! You can Tweet us your Big Ideas @procurious_ remembering to use the hashtag #BigIdeas2017. Leave your Big Idea on Facebook – you can find us at And of course you can tell the Procurious community all about it by joining the Big Ideas Group page and posting it to the community feed.

  • Who is behind Procurious?

    You can read all about us in Our Story (

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    It doesn’t matter what technology your organisation adopts, or what digital transformation you endure; procurement relationships will always be essential for success.  At the Big Ideas Summit 2017, we once again challenged our thought leaders to share their Big Ideas for the future of procurement. Chris Cliffe discussed why relationships really matter. The world around…

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    Four Ways To Ensure You Still Have A Job In 2020

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